Dark Table – Vancouver

Dark Table - Vancouver

Boyfriend and I went to Dark Table at Kitsilano. As the name indicate it’s a dark table. Why is it dark table? Because the whole room is dark. Well, the whole restaurant is dark. We basically eat in the dark. It was an amazing experience, and it did sharpen my other senses, i.e taste and smell. I personally love the bread… crispy on the outer side and super soft and fluffy on the inner part, and ohhh I love the butter too…
Anyway, I highly recommend you to try this at least once… So what happened was you need to make a reservation first. The ‘session’ runs twice. 5.30 and 8.30 I believe.
When we arrive at 5.30 pm, on Friday, we waited in small section on the outside of the restaurant, with heater. A lady then took down our food order, you could pick your main, or a surprise dish. The option was either appy, main and dessert, or just main and dessert.
So afterwards, the lady will call your name and intro you to your server for the night. The waiters are actually blind. So he/she will bring you in to a small room between the outside and the restaurant. Once you get in to the restaurant, it’s pitch dark… and I mean pitch dark….
and the whole eating in a restaurant begin, in the dark. It was brilliant… and the food was great too….

What are you waiting for, make your reservation now.


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