The Past and the Future

This is 2014, the NEW YEAR. And instead of doing NY Resolution and whatnot, cuz I know they hardly works out past January, I decided to just highlight things I accomplished from 2013, and list out things or plans that I have in store for me for the NY. The 2014 stuff is not exactly a goal or whatnot, but I’d think it’s a good way to start the whole motion of setting up my goal.

2013 in review :

General :

  • The big Move in May – at this point I can’t elaborate yet…
  • Tons of Summer Love from living by the beach; sunsets and sunsets and sunsets…
  • Memorable Camping trip – memorable in both good and bad way
  • More hikes with new group and new people, gorgeous pictures at Joffre Lake, Dog Mountain
  • Found a fabulous kickboxing instructor
  • Completed 13 books
  • Bought a wonderful pair of boots and nice warm jacket


  • Increased Net Worth to double digit (in thousands)
  • Paid off debt (zero-interest debt, but still debt nonetheless)

Travel :

  • Quadra Islands for Camping Trip
  • Indonesia (Lampung, Jakarta, Bali) and Singapore Trip

2014 Aspiration


  • More regular and frequent visit to the gym (kickboxing)
  • Pass CFA Level I Exam
  • Eat more veggies and fruit
  • Drink more of ‘healthy’ water (ginger, lemon, goji berry, carrot, cucumber in water)
  • Read more books other than textbooks (30 books target)
  • Approved for PR
  • Polar Bear Swim for 1 Jan 2015!

Financial :

  • Open a trading account, purchase stock
  • Sticking to budget (new budget schedule on the way)
  • set aside a fixed savings for down payment for an apartment


  • Whistler Weekend Getaway
  • Cameroon, France, Netherlands
  • Portland
  • Tulip Festival, Skagit

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