Mt. Batur Sunrise Trek – Kintamani, Bali

We were really looking forward to this one. After 2 weeks of not exercising at all, the hike was supposed to help us release all of the ‘stress’. This was a really easy hike. Both of my friends who also joined had never hiked before and they are not the exercising type either. AND one of them was not feeling well a few hour before the hike. She slept early and she was feeling better by the time we’re about to leave, so she hike anyway.

We booked the hike through Pineh Tour about a month prior to the hike, and confirmed again about 3 days prior. Like most other tour packages in Bali, it will cost more for the foreign tourist than it would local tourist. Just make sure that it’s not WAYYYY more.

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We were picked up at 2am from our hotel in Ubud. It would’ve been earlier if we stay further out, like around Kuta, Sanur or Nusa Dua. About 45 minute later we reached their office which also doubled or tripled as a coffee ‘plantation’ and mini store. We were served about 4 different type of drinks, 2 glass each type, to be shared among 4 of us. Ginger coffee, luwak (civet’s poo) coffee, lemon tea, honey coffee, and few others that I can’t recall. I love coffee, but didn’t dare to drink too much since coffee it’s laxative and dehydrating and we’re about to hike.

From there it was about 15 minutes drive to the base of the mountain. The mountain is approx 1700m above sea level, and the base was 600m above sea level. There were several guide approaching us and Wayan became our guide. There are a lot of ‘Wayan’ and ‘Made’ name in Bali. They actually symbolizes their standing in the family i.e 1st born has ‘Wayan’ somewhere in the name and 2nd born has ‘Made’ somewhere in the name. It definitely gets confusing sometimes when you’ve met like 3 Wayan in the same trip.

Sunrise at Mt. Batur, Kintamani, Bali

Sunrise at Mt. Batur, Kintamani, Bali

The tour gave us some bottled water and the driver gave our guide breakfast stuff to be prepared at the peak (it’s just toast and eggs). So we started the hike. The guide has some flashlight that he passed to all of us each. Some are much brighter than the other, but the surrounding itself was not that dark, so 3 flashlight for 5 of us were sufficient. About halfway, we ran into a kid that the guide knows. They chatted in Balinese while hiking and you kind of can tell that the guide (acted as big brother type) was trying to tell the kid to get on our good side. The kid is helping his parents by selling some drinks on the top.

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A little bit later on, it became obvious that Bf and I and our 2 friends were not on the same hiking pace at all, and we’re getting antsy. We ended up picking up our pace and the kid guide us to the top, while our guide stayed with my other 2 friends. We were already thinking of purchasing drink from the kid, and give him a tip him, as a thank you for guiding us. However, at the peak, he charged us IDR 25,000 ($2.50) for a bottle of coke! Hence we hold the tip. It’s a TAD too much. We knew the beverages up there gotta be expensive since he carried a few bottle in his bag and go up the mountain, but did not know that it’ll be THAT expensive. Anyway….

Chilling Monkey with Mt. Agung, Bali in the background.

Chilling Monkey with Mt. Agung, Bali in the background.

We did not see THAT much sunrise since it was kinda foggy when we reached the peak, however the cloud slowly cleared up as the sun ascend. We were lucky since apparently it has been foggy the last 2 days and hikers were not able to see sun at all.

There were also a lot of monkeys up top. And yes, they are also the naughty bunch and will try to grab everything from you. I would not say they are dangerous, but I guess there’s no harm in being careful.

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We started to descend once we’re done taking pictures. LOTS of pictures, that I wouldn’t bore you with. Our guide thought it would be better to pick a different route descending, since one of my friend was having difficulty going up. So we called our driver and have him pick us up from a different location. A little bit closer. The road that was chosen to descend was not exactly easy, IMO. It is always more difficult descending and it didn’t help that the road was lose gravel. So in a way we’re kinda sliding down. And have to try our best not to roll down. But anyway, out other friend actually having problem with descending. So 1 friend had problem climbing, and the other had problem descending. Kinda balanced things out in the end.

Mommy monkey and Baby Monkey by the Crater - Mt. Batur, Bali

Mommy monkey and Baby Monkey by the Crater – Mt. Batur, Bali

View From the Other Side of the Mountain - With the Moon Still Visible

View From the Other Side of the Mountain – With the Moon Still Visible

Once we reached the hotel, we showered, and practically slept for few hours before we had to check-out of the hotel. And i meant, we just crashed!

PS: FYI, Mt. Batur is an active volcano. Recent small eruption was in 2000. Hence the crater.


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