Bali – Lunch Ibu Oka & Green Village

So Bali day 1.5. We started the day with Monkey Forest Sanctuary, which was about 10 minute walk from the hotel, then continued to lunch at Ibu Oka. Ibu Oka 2 to be exact. Ibu Oka is famous for its suckling pig, and boy was it delicious. To be honest though, it wasn’t quite the rave, but it was still good nonetheless. Probably I had my expectations set too high by the reviews. But like I said it was still a delicious lunch. Cost IDR 45,000 for the special one, and about IDR 15,000 for Indonesian Ice Tea.

Suckling Pig at Ibu Oka 2, Ubud

Suckling Pig at Ibu Oka 2, Ubud

Next is half-day Green Village tour. Tour start at 1.30pm and the website says that you have to book like a week in advance, or was it a day…. Anyway, you do have to book in advance, and payment are done through the website, however, me being me, missed out on that. So that morning I called, and luckily I was still able to book for the 4 of us, and have the payment made in the office. Cost is USD 25 and we paid in IDR since we paid in the office, otherwise I assume you could pay in USD through the website. Click here for more info.

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The afternoon tour cover Bamboo Factory, Green Village and Green School. You do have to have your own transportation to transfer from one place to the next. They’re located close to each other, but definitely not walking distance.

We started with the Bamboo Factory where a guide explained to us the vision and mission of the company and the processes that the bamboo went through before it’s deemed proper to be used in building a house or a building i.e termite treatment, drying out. I expected it to be a bit boring, but it’s actually pretty fascinating. Hats off to the founder of Green School.

The Stairs at Bamboo Factory Office - Bali

The Stairs at Bamboo Factory Office – Bali

Based on the picture, can you guess where I’m going next? We went to Green Village. The factory was started to support the construction of the buildings in Green School. Once the school is up and running, the factory is now catering to individuals or family who would like to have a green house, made of bamboo. And boy was it grand. You don’t really associate bamboo house with luxury, but it was a gorgeous house of grandeur scale. We were told that we can take pictures, however not detailed picture of the house, so I’ll just post some that I think are very general outline of what I was trying to depict.


Mr. MonQ at 5-storey Bamboo House


Mr. MonQ with Green Village in the Background

You really gotta see it to believe it. I honestly think the tour is worth it. Just to be able to see the house, if ever. So these houses are constructed for individuals or family, however they are also available for rent. I believe the range is $400-$600 per night. It sound steep, but I believe you could have like 10 people in there all at once and still have a lot of space around. Provided they allow 10 people to squeeze in there and that you don’t mind sleeping in sleeping bags and accompanied by natural breeze.

Lastly, we visited the Green School. You can do just the Green School alone. The recommended donation will be IDR 100,000. Yes, exactly what you’re thinking. Anyway, it was the last leg of our tour, it was a long day, and we’re tired, and honestly I think it’s a tad boring. There was a lady who work for the school, who’s not a teacher, but have some kind of sustainable something degree. I guess, what she was trying to say was that everyone affiliated to the school has ‘GREEN’ in mind… However you want to translate that… (I just realized the double-meaning-ness of the word). The lady/guide was showing the tour participants (there were about 25 people altogether) the school ground, and explained a little bit about the curriculum that the school had created. The buildings at the school was great, but we’ve seen the house so the buildings at the school seems meh.

ATM Vestibule at Green School

ATM Vestibule at Green School

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