Holiday Updates – Lampung, Jakarta, Bali, Singapore

So here I am, three weeks later, and a jet lag away. Actually 2 jet lags, but I’m working on the 2nd one right now. Let’s just say that it was a fun, memorable and hectic vacation and I’m still in recovery mode. The weather in Vancouver right now is sunny, albeit super cold, is helping with the recovery, by encouraging me to hibernate that is. That’s just what I’ll do this weekend, hibernate. Kickboxing will just have to wait.

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I have posted a couple of pictures and updates a couple of weeks ago, and I will post a couple more soon. And also updates on our spending. Like I mentioned before, the expenses were going upward after Lampung and Jakarta, and it did. By quite a fair bit. Anyhoo… I’ll keep everyone posted. Stay Tuned! (I wish I can be more upbeat but I’m still zombie-ing)

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