2 Days in Jakarta, Indonesia – with Mr. MonQ

Bunderan HI, Jakarta (Hotel Indonesia Roundabout)

Bunderan HI, Jakarta (Hotel Indonesia Roundabout)

Grand Indonesia Mall - Jakarta

Grand Indonesia Mall – Jakarta

Jakarta oh Jakarta. Jakarta is 25 minute away by plane from my hometown. It’s a great city to live in. You have everything there. Fancy luxurious life? Check. Cheap delicious street-side food? Check. Branded merchandise? Check. Good quality fake branded merchandise? Check! See what I mean? Everything. But it’s all thwarted by the horrendous traffic jam. And I mean HORRENDOUS!

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My family and I were on the way home from Mangga Dua (’boutique’ shopping complex). We know we’re supposed to leave by 3pm to avoid traffic. Of course, you can’t time women and shopping, so we ended up leaving at 4pm. Lo and behold, we were stuck in traffic about 3/4 home. I needed to go to washroom BADLY, and we were crawling. There was a petrol station on the opposite side of the road, and we were supposed to do a turn to go home anyway. So I jumped out of the car and cross the street. Like I said, traffic was crawling, so I was able to cross where there was no crossing allowed; with the help of some of the drivers, of course. So I went to the washroom. AND my uncle was only able to pick me up an hour later. AN HOUR, to do a 5km turn.

So, beware! Make sure you have enough time in between appointment for when you’re in Jakarta.

The food, are of course DELICIOUS!

Pangsit (Deep Fried Dumpling) at Bakmi GM

Pangsit (Deep Fried Dumpling) at Bakmi GM

Off to Bali *woot woot*

Off to Bali *woot woot*

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