Trip Spending Update – 08 Nov to 16 Nov

Technically speaking I did not spend a cent up until this point. Essentially this is me going home, so my parents arranged for everything, from transport to accomodation and also some spending money. And since everything is cheap in Lampung, we barely use any of the fund.

But here goes the approximate cost of things, fyi
8 Nov – Transit Jakarta
Lunch for 2 with 1 drink – $7
Dinner for 4 with drinks – $25
9 Nov – 16 Nov
Breakfasts @approx $2
Lunch @approx $3
Dinner @approx $3-$4
Fancy dinner @approx $8-$13
Snacks @approx $1
16 Nov – Parents’ Wedding Anniversary in a restaurant.
$350 for about 35 people (cheap isnt it?)

Driver at about $7 a day incl. lunch allowance for about 8-9hours. We use own car though.
Parking is at $0.20. And $0.10 for subsequent hours. Varies one place to the other.

It was a pretty cheap week at approx. $170 for 2 people for 6 days.

The gift of snacks and food that we got, such as Sumatera coffee and banana chips, among other things, cost about $25

In addition, I was able to get new lenses for my old glasses frame for $12. It was a new frame and I have never used it since the original lense was of incorrect degree. I also got 2 boxes of contact lenses at $32.

Let’s say the overall cost is $250 for all 6 days. The cost will be going uphill from this point onwards.

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