Fancy Dine-out – Herons West Coast Kitchen + Bar

Few nights ago, actually it was last Friday, bf feeling fancy and sweet. I love seafood, and he’s been trying to look for a good seafood restaurant in Vancouver. Don’t get me wrong, the salmon and the sushi are good here, but the rest of the seafood are so so. Unless  you go to the top notch restaurant, and I mean really top-notch.

Bf, with the suggestion of his coworkers, came across a deal on Travelzoo, for Herons West Coast Kitchen + Bar at Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver. I mean come on, it’s Fairmont! Fancy schmancy, it was one lovely dinner. The place is 5-minute away and he called a cab… ^.^

Anyhoo, it was a 3-course meal; shared appetizer and dessert, individual entree.


Photo : Joey Armstrong                         Source: Herons West Coast Kitchen + Bar


We had FRESH oysters as appie and Flour-less Chocolate Cake as dessert. I had Seafood Tagliatelle and he had the salmon. I did not take pic, cuz bf think it’s a fancy place and I shouldn’t…… so I didn’t. He planned such a wonderful night though, so I thought I listened.

Anyway, we started with the bread (pictured above), with butter and the green thing is I believe, spinach, pesto, olive oil and something. The green sauce was not bad, but flavour was to subtle for my liking.

Next, did i mention the oyster was fresh? It was FRESH! Loved it! I think there was a dozen of them (I probably had 3/4). Served with horseradish and some wine sauce. DELISH!

My ignorance was to blame for not realizing Tagliatelle is pasta. It taste wonderful, but I’m just not big into pasta. Served with generous amount of mussels and salmons in creamy sauce. The garlic bread though (pictured on the mussels), were fabulous. Crispy and top and soft on the bottom. *hmmmmm*

Bf had the salmon. Believe it was Honey Glazed Salmon. Actually it’s the one in the picture. Again, delicious! I had a bite and the skin was crispy and the meat were oh so soft…… *drool*

I was not impressed with the chocolate cake. Bf can’t eat gluten, so we tried the flour-less cake. If anything, I learned something that night. I prefer chocolate to cheese, but I prefer cheesecake to chocolate cake. Go Figure!

All said, it’s value for your money. And it’s GOOOOOOOD! Deal is on until 5 December 2013.

What are you waiting for?


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