Quarter Life Crisis: Part 1


It does exist. I did have it. My own version, of course. I assuming there is no specific set of things that someone had to go through to be able to claim that they had one. Mine started probably about 2 years ago.

Two years ago I had ‘everything’; Good job with great career prospect, lots of friends, did tons of activities from mountain hike to scuba diving, and I also had what seems like an endless supply of money… Not really, but I had a decent income and my expenses had never exceeded the income… In my dictionary, that is GOOD…

But something was missing, somehow. And I began to feel really exhausted. Enjoyed my work, my life; the fast pace, but then it just hit me, I don’t want to do this for a long period of time, and/or forEVER. If I continue doing whatever I was doing, even if I switched  companies, I will be doing more or less the same thing, forever.

I remember the weeks leading up to the final decision. I was taking it step-by-step. Really.

First I applied for the school. I was like, well, it was just going to cost me $150, and I might not get accepted (which is of course is a silly thought since I graduated from the same university with a decent grade and from decent faculty, or the same faculty as what I was applying).

Then I went to buy the ticket, one way. I was like, well, if I didn’t go to study, I could just go for a holiday, or extended holiday, and buy the return ticket, sometime later. It wasn’t going to be a busy season.

Next, I applied for the student visa. Again, I was like, it’s a visa. Visa people are unpredictable sometimes. (Again, silly thoughts. I was going to study, had a proper acceptance letter, proof of ability to support myself while there, AND I studied in the same country before. FOR 5 years! and I didn’t extend my stay beyond what was allowed then.)

So, there I have it. I was half-expecting that one of those obstacles will prevent me from uprooting my well-established life. I thought.. well, there you go. Everything seems to go smoothly. Like the universe wanted me to leave. Felt that everything was a breeze… Boy, was I wrong…

To Be Continued…


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