ING Direct – $100 bonus

Okay, I am not saying that it is the best bank, or otherwise. I am writing about it, because, I am happy with its service and products.

I first open an account with ING was because I need a different account that is not as easily accessible. ING has a referral bonus of $25 for referrer and referee, so I thought, why not. In addition, their savings account interest is the highest I have seen at 1.35%.

Recently they are able to entice me, yet again, with more ‘free money’. If you switch direct deposit for your payroll to ING Thrive, before End of Oct, you will get $100 bonus.

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I ASSUME, you have to keep this payroll credit for at least 1 month (I’m pretty sure you can’t just switch, take the $100 and switch back). But hey, if you don’t require a branch for your banking activity, I think ING is a good option.

Again, this is just my humble opinion and experience. NOT and advise or endorsement or anything of sort.


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