List No. 2: Singapore

The next food heaven will be Singapore. I lived here for a good 4.5 years. I have also developed a love-hate relationship with this tiny country. But right now, I am going to focus on the LOOOOOVE…. Love for the food that is….

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As one of the country that is wedged in the middle of several other countries, Singapore ‘authentic’ food share a lot of similarities with the neighboring country; Malaysia and Indonesian. But I am not going to be hunting only for the authentic ones. Being a financial hub, Singapore is visited by a lot of foreigners; tourists and expats. And the varieties of food available in the area is very diverse… So, I will be hunting for those too ie German beers, Belgian Mussels, Japanese Pepper Rice… to name a few..

Let’s checkout the list for this clean and neat country…. It is a fair bit less than Indonesia, but I might just forgotten some items.. I’ll keep updating as and when I remember…. Ooh I’m drooling already….

Singapore Food

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And while we’re at it. I have done a list of places that I want to go again, and/or bring bf to… Singapore the semi-local way…

Singapore Places



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