List No. 1 : Indonesia – Top 40 Dishes

This will be my first list of the Travel of the year 2013 … Actually it’s a list that CNN Go posted on their website. Dubbed as the top 40 dish Indonesian Can’t Live Without. It’s close enough, but not quite. Hehehe… I’m sure that there are some food that I won’t have, either I don’t like them or I wont be able to find it in the places that I will be visiting (B. Lampung, Jakarta, and Bali). Indonesia is a big country, while there are some type of dish that are popular across the country, that you can find pretty much in every city (quality varies, of course), there are certain types that you can only find in their town of origin, or few other limited places. There will also be food that are not on the list, which I am already having a huge craving for…

I won’t have pictures of the food yet. I will take a pic and post it, as and when I can tick the item off the list… With the explanations and description of how savoury and mouth-watering it is…

There will be items that I’ll eat multiple times… I’ll TRY not to post them every single time… or maybe I will… just to make people drool… hihihihi…

Anyway, here goes… CNN was being funny about the last item though.. Indomie… yes, we love them. Yes, we can’t live without them. But if we have only 1 week in Indonesia, we will NOT eat Indomie… =P

Indo dishes


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