Trip of The Year 2013 – Countdown

30 more days to my trip of the year! Yippie… Soooo looking forward to it… to the FOOD! Culinary Extravaganza… and the warm weather and the beaches, and the cheap massage/spa…. *ahhhhhh.. Happy Place*

So the rough itineraries:
5 days – Bandar Lampung (Beloved Hometown)
4 days – Jakarta (The metropolitan capital of Indonesia)
6 days – Bali (Paradise Island)
6 days – Singapore (The Island-Country State and Financial Hub)

Total trip is supposed to be 18 days… so some of the days are like half-day in 1 place and half day in another…. and also the time zone difference and whatnot… a little bit difficult to track the beginning and the ending… Anyway…

BF has never been to Asia, and I have not gone back in more than 2 years, so with the limited time available, between all the eating, and the spending time with family and relatives, and visiting tourist spots, I thought I’ll need a list of things to do… Just so I remember. And I’ll start the list of with FOOD! (Obviously…)

Stay tuned! mwahahaha… *eggggciteddd*


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