Budgeting – again….

So I’m trying to do budgeting… yet again… after I found out that somehow my food expenses (grocery, eat out, take-out, etc) for Sept 1 to date, is close to $300…. The problem is.. I suck at following a budget… so.. I’m going to sort of do a simple, straight, kinda reverse budget…

My pay is bi-weekly, and I’ll ‘force’ myself to remove 50% of it into saving… untouched… remove the necessary and recurring (fixed) bills like rent, utilities, phone, gym, health insurance, etc..


At the moment, this is how it looks like, and it’ll start this Friday, this weekend…

Eat out will include all food that I buy outside grocery (obviously).. for lunches, dinners, coffee, snacks…

Clothing seems quite high, but fall is here and winter clothing are not cheap… hahaha…

And we’ll see how i goes… *Cross finger*

I’ll force myself to post update to track my expenses… that’s a promise to myself…


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