Friday the 13th

I am not superstitious in the way that I’ll carry some garlic necklace or clover leaf on Friday the 13th, but on the other hand, if I were to build an apartment building, I’ll probably omit the number 4 (means ‘dead’ in Chinese) and 13 in the elevator, and change it to like 3A and 12A or something.

So that’s the ‘background’ of what I’m going to ramble about. This particular day reminds me of the days I worked at a bank. In Singapore. So if you are not aware of what it’s like; regular hour, unofficially of course, is about 10-11 hour (no overtime pay). Lunch time, give and take about 45 min-1 hour, on days that we are able to leave the desk. Eating at the desk is not an uncommon sighting. Washroom break more often than not, done at a run, literally running to the washroom and back. The run also apply at the end of day. Switch off/lock computer and RUN, before someone ‘catch’ you with something that usually need to be done, like right now. These did not happen everyday, but most of the days. like 80-90%. Those were regular occurrences. So when I say hectic, it means HECTIC.

There was a period in 2011 that for some reason we had 2-3 of Friday the 13th in a row. Like in a row. I’m sure some will argue that it’s just a coincidence, or there are some logical explanations to it. They were probably correct but if I were to just take the ‘surface’ of things, and not really look for deeper meaning and whatnot, they were simply odd, Friday the 13th kind of odd. For those few Fridays, the office was HECTIC, and not just that, there were so many issues that needed to be fixed, and on a timely basis. Between printing room, settlement team, cash team, corporate action team (and washroom breaks, of course), I hardly sat on my chair. Not to mention the continuous e-mail and phone calls, both internal and external parties, while I was sitting down.

The beautiful thing about experiences though, the so-called bad ones at least, that they do not feel as bad when you looked back. On those Fridays I was probably cursing, blood pressure high, and munching on too much comfort food. But  here I am, two years later, reminiscing, and smiling, remembering those ‘precious’ moments in my life. Through which I grew, appreciating the finer things in life, that are so much simpler. But I cant help missing those hectic, fast-paced life, not too far ago.





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