E-reader Cover – on the cheap

I recently bought Sony E-reader... yes, that sounds like an unnecessary purchase; wants i/o need… But I’m glad to say, there was no regret, no buyer remorse whatsoever. For one thing, I got it for $20 less. They’re on sale. And I finish more than half of the book, that previously I have only been able to read 1 chapter at a time. It was very taxing on the eye to read on iPhone. So, there…


Today, I bought an accessory. Yes, again, not really necessary. I actually planned to make one, which was fine, until I realized that I will put the e-reader in my big hand bag, along with all the ‘craps’ that females put in their bags. AND I do use the bag to go to the gym too… don’t really want to risk damaging the screen.

Sony e-reader does not have a lot of choices for cover, unlike Kobo and/or Kindle. So I’ve hold off on buying the Sony cover, since it cost $40 for a standard one (no reading light attached). But few days ago, walking through London Drugs, lo and behold, they have the cover, for $10!!! I was like, hell yeah, Im gona get it… So I DID.

The End

PS: might get one for bf too. It’s like 75% off!! HURRY!


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