A Weekend in Aug 2013

Last weekend was awesome… tons of things and event happening, and I actually get to enjoy them. Let’s see where should I start… Weekend began on Friday night… Mellow gathering with friend… made some nachos… and friend bought a bottle of whiskey… That’s right…
Saturday started slow-ish… bf’s sis’ bday… then a farewell party…
Sunday morning started with breakfast at Joe’s Grill… They are delicious and cheap compared to a lot of other places.. Love their potato though… crispy and soft at the same time…

Eggs Benny at Joe's Grill

Eggs Benny at Joe’s Grill

Followed by a stroll around Granville street… not sure what festival was happening as we went there too early, but manage to get a glimpse of the hula-hoops ‘station’ right by Hudson Bay

Hula Hoops on Granville St

Hula Hoops on Granville St

Caught a free performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at Sunset Beach. It is actually by donation… You like the show, you give something to these awesome actors, who volunteer their time to bring the free shows…. Runs until Labour Day… If you could look past the lack of stage and props… you would find an amazing performance by these actors and actresses… Check them out if you have time…


Free Romeo and Juliet Show at Sunset Beach presented by Mnemonic Theatre

Too lazy to cook dinner… Went for ‘healthy’ dinner out…. at Persian and Greek Restaurant on Denman…. that’s the name of the place… Persian and Greek Restaurant…


Chicken Shawarma and Caesar Salad

Stanley PArk 125

Main Stage for Stanley Park 125th Celebration

Another stroll after dinner around Stanley Park… Checking out their 125th Celebration….

And that wraps the fantastic weekend of great weather…. Hello Rainy Vancouver! >.<



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