The McDonald Budget – applied

Came across an article on McDonald telling their employee to budget. I probably do not know for sure the cost of stuffs and expenses the US, instead I applied my own expenses into the calculation. I round up the income amount just for easier calculation ($1,200 instead of $1,105… yes it means I would’ve been making more money than what the budget indicate, but it’s just for illustration purposes. I personally think it will be easier to go through)

While it will arguably be quite a tight budget, but I am sure I would survive without having a second income. And i could probably downgrade the internet speed and quit my gym… If I want to have more saving. Or want to eat out.

In addition, if I’m earning $1200 per month, I’ll qualify for lower premium on health insurance. Buy clothes very occasionally, which kinda what I am doing right now anyway…

With grocery covered, means meals for the day are covered (breakfast and dinner at home, brown bag lunches). I don’t actually need to spend $10 per day.

From my perspective, a single person that is, This is enough for me to survive… not to splurge, but survive..


What do you think of the McDonald budget?


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