Chicken Spinach Fried Rice

Chicken Spinach Fried Rice

Chicken Spinach Fried Rice

The name kinda says it all… it’s always very very simple to make fried rice… and as usual, I’m trying to get rid of produce or leftover that soon will go bad .I should try to not over buy lotsa perishable and just go grocery shopping more often. Unfortunately, I’m too lazy…

day old rice, spinach, garlic, leftover BBQ chicken meat, shitake mushroom, eggs, parsnips, thai chilli (optional)

Maggie, butter, fish sauce, salt, pepper, garlic powder

The works:
butter in a wok, sliced garlic, fry until browned, parsnips, fish sauce, maggie, eggs, roast chicken, spinach.. fry until the eggs/mixture become dry-ish…
Then throw in the rice, add salt, and pepper, and garlic powder… and the mushroom stir fry until alll ingredients are evenly mixed…
then top with the cut garlic chilli if hot and spicy is your thing… (it’s ALWAYS and Indonesian thing.. even when I had acid stomach problem the day before…)



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