Utilising Referral

So I’ve always thinking of ways to make more money… but I don’t have a lot of savings at the moment… so I can’t really invest in stocks and what not yet.. so… referral is the best way to do it… There are a lot of ways to do this… from workplace to Coupon websites such as Groupon, Social Shoppper, etc…. Up until now I’ve only used 2 referral though… for my cell phone plan and bank account.

  1.  Fido – I mean I know I was going to sign up anyway. It’s not that I was coerced into it or anything… so I made bf come with me to the Fido counter, and said that HE referred me in… so we both get $25.. at the end of 3 month… We had the option of getting FidoDollar or credit into our account. Since FidoDollar is pretty much ‘useless’, I’d rather choose the credit.. it’s coming up 3 months now… I will see the $25 soon… that’s like more than half my monthly bill.
  2. ING Direct – Well I was trying to get separate accounts for separate purpose. And I want to ensure that my money kinda doesnt lose its value due to inflation. I know savings account wont help much, but it’s better than nothing. So, I heard that ING Direct is offering 2.6% interest. For a limited time of course. AND if you have ORANGE KEY, you will get $25 when your initial deposit is at least $100… I mean, that’s like 25% right there! So, I fumbled through the web for Orange Key, and VOILA! I got the $25 right after they cleared my check… *woot woot* Well, again, I was already sort of ‘shopping’ for a bank account, and ING Direct had me at No Fee, ‘High-interest’, and $25 bonus…

Hopefully I’ll get more of this… I’ll keep a lookout for sure…


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