Bogus Beggars/Homeless Person

If anyone is familiar with downtown Vancouver area, then you might have seen this one older guy, who appear to be homeless (well he was sitting on the corner of the street begging for money). I have seen him dozens of time sitting at the corner of Burrard St and West Georgia. Topless. So skinny topless older gentleman, you have to have heart of ice if you do not care just for a little bit…. However, this morning, I was on my way to work as usual, and I saw this guy rummaging through the free newspaper box (I think it’s the Xtra). I saw a sweater inside the box and thought, well good for him, he found a sweater. Then after that I saw him placing the sweater inside the box, close the lid and getting ready to sit. So it was his sweater!! He actually has a sweater or two.. and take them off… There goes my sympathy… I mean he could still be homeless and whatnot… but still… I feel ‘cheated’….

So that’s one… it reminds me of another encounter. A tall Asian Buddhist monk. I mean I have nothing against Buddhism or monk. In fact my whole family is Buddhist. About a month ago, this monk came up to me and asking for donation. I did not have any cash with me, I was rushing for my lunch appointment, and I was cranky…. hungry… (sounds like excuses, anyway I just didnt want to give him money too).. so I said no. And he was like ‘NO?’ with a surprised-how-could-you-not-give-a-monk-donation tone. That kinda trigger an alarm in my head. I mean, really? You’re asking for money and i just HAVE to give it to you because you’re a monk? And then it’s forgotten, until about a week later. I was walking to work, and I saw this same monk descending down staircase in front of an apartment building, which I cant even afford (I was apartment hunting about a month before, and I actually asked for the rental price of that particular apartment building). I mean, I can’t be sure that he lives there since I did not see him get out of the door, but it’s 7.30am, there is hardly anyone around. There was no one in the vicinity of the apartment main door (assuming he came up to them to ask for ‘donation’). So logically it went through my head that he actually live there!! I mean, really?!?! Seriously!?!

And this last one actually a video that I came across few months back. About this crouching beggar on crutches who frequented NY 5th Ave (where all the big brand names are located), who turned out to be a normal young girl.

I mean to do this probably is easy money. According to articles found from google search engine, beggars or few of these fake beggars make from about 20,000 – 100,000 USD/GBP doesn’t matter. It’s quite a fair bit of money.

But if you have an able body why not utilize it? Would you ever considered doing such things?





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