What should your net worth be?

I came across this headlines on a post on Give Me Back My Five Bucks blog. I was intrigued, yet worried. Im starting over. Used up all my savings to go back to Vancouver and go back to school. So Essentially I’m at zero…. But I checked mine anyway…

I have been following this blog since then btw. Yes, there are a lot of good PF blogger out there, but I feel that I can relate more to Krystal Yee (the owner of GMBMFB). Mostly because of the approach that she takes and the close proximity of our age.

Anyway, about the net worth, I plug in the number to find my supposed net worth. And according to CNN Money……


Yea, if it were according to my age… seems doable… but when I’m looking at my supposed net worth according to my income……. I am nowhere near that… This is one of the thing that I need to, and am currently working at… *cross finger*

So, are you where you’re ‘supposed to be’?


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