Book Resolution 2013

It started in 2012, one of my NY Resolution is to read book. In 2012 I finished 20 books… out of the 30 goal…

Anyway, here are books that I have read for 2013… Im like wayyyyy behind since it’s already May now.

  1. The Girl Who Kick the Hornet’s Nest – Stieg Larson
    It is a good book, and a 3rd installment of a saga by Stieg Larson.Salander is still brilliantly weird and fast. It is definitely worth my time reading all 3 books.
  2. Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
    Love this book. Wicked and dark and twisty. Brilliantly written. A must-read for crime drama fan.
  3. Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar – Kelly Oxford.
    Not too impressed. There are bits and parts of funny pieces but overall pretty ‘meh’. It says that it’s supposed to be semi-autobiography, but at times it’s more ‘fantasy’, like I couldn’t believe that it’s actually happened to her., or maybe they didn’t. (See what I mean?)
  4. The Diary of Anne Frank – very well-written piece of literature. She would’ve made a great writer. You can feel how much she grew up within the 2 years and how her writing style changes with her maturity. Yes, she’s only 15 but girls are known to be more mature, especially one growing up in her situation. Great piece of work, and it deserved to be shared.
  5. Siddhartha – Herman Hesse
    Growing up in a Buddhist family, it just a matter of time when I’ll be reading this book. So, I have. Probably because of the translation or just me, or something, I found the book a tad difficult to read, which lead to it being boring. That said, the book does provide an interesting teaching; of life and love, and acceptance. Good read if you can find a better translation or perhaps read it in the original language, German.
  6. The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss
    It’s a fantasy, and I’m not usually one for fantasy book… unless it’s those well-known one, like Harry Potter. Anyway, bf and I did the switch thingy, where he picked a book he read before for me, and I for him. I actually enjoyed it although Patrick Rothfuss tends to provide extra details, which I think redundant in certain cases. I like the stories, as it is a little bit of an adventure, finding out the truth about the existence of a race. I might actually read the second book in the series.
  7. The Silent Wife – A. S. A. Harrison
    What pull me towards reading this first is that I thought it would be just like Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn… Similar story line or background story I should stay or even the way it’s written ( 2 different point of view). But they are different, and you will enjoy it still, eventhough you just finished reading Gone Girl. At the end, you were able to sort of sympathize with both character.

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