The big Three O

I am not 30 yet. It is still 2 years away. For me it feel that age is just a number, but then again probably because I’m not there yet, or I’m not close enough yet. So, in anticipation to that, I am going to create some kind of goal and/or wishlists. In a sense to have something to look forward to, and a distraction from the supposedly ‘scary’ 30… I will add the list as and when Let’s begin…

1. Increase my net worth by 80k. – I haven’t really figured out the do-ability of this. But for now I’m picking this number. I would have paid off my ‘debt’ by next paycheck, so I can really start saving. It’s like line of credit from a friend. No interest and whatnot. But hey, a debt is a debt right?

2. Completed CSC and CFA. – CSC definitely, for CFA, I will try the first module, and depending on my job at that time, I will decide whether to further pursue the designation. I’m pretty flexible about most of thing. Which can be good or bad. Good means I’m adaptable, bad cuz I’m fickle-minded.

3. Get a non-academic/non-financial related certification – I’m intrigued with some profession. Or even just a hobby… Few that I have in mind is drawing (sketching), nutritionist, cardio instructor

4. Own a dSLR camera, and actually know how to use it… know how to use Adobe photoshop properly

….. this is it for now….

If anyone have a suggestion that would be good, or great… Please let me know….


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