Donating blood and lower iron level

I started donating blood.. approximately since October 2011… was able to donate 2 times in a row (with 56 days in between each donation). However, the last 2 times I went for my appointment, I was ‘rejected’. Due to the low hemoglobin level. The minimum was 125 to donate, mine was 119 and 120 respectively. I don’t know what happened. I don’t think there was a change in my diet. I probably eat less veggie, but I eat more meat. so, i thought it should somewhat balance. But apparently people who donate blood more than twice a year should eat iron-rich food. Or even obtain iron supplement from the family doctor. (just learned from my ex-assistant pharmacist bf that iron supplement is not sold over the counter). I thought it was, i ended up getting zinc supplement, not iron supplement… >.<

So for the past few days I have been doing some research on food to eat to improve my iron level. Liver is actually by far the most ‘efficient’ way, but I just cant eat liver. I mean I’ve tried, and usually if it’s for health reason, I was able to swallow pretty much anything. But this time I just couldnt. Tried to cook chicken liver in indonesian instant spices specifically for liver dish, and it still doesnt work. I guess I have to find a better way to get some iron into my body.

By the way if you’d like to donate blood and are working in downtown Vancouver area, you could go to the one at 888 Dunsmuir st, 2nd floor. They’re only open M, T, W 8am-2pm. I haven’t been able to donate at this location. The first 3 times were done at their main headquarter, at 4750 Oak Street. I am pretty sure you could do a walk-in, but just in case, it’s always better to make appointment.

There’s really nothing to lose by donating blood (well, except the iron level)…. so why not donate?


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