Teller at a Major Bank in Downtown

So I went to a  bank for some work-related stuff; one of them is to exchange coins to bills. I had rolls of coins and also some loose coins.

First, IMO, he was being very unprofessional. I had the coins in an envelope. When he opened and pour them out he muttered “Oh God!” (pause) “Yay, me” (very sarcastically of course). I mean it wasnt loud, but I knew he knew that I can hear him.

Second, he was counting the coins. There were 8 loonies, 20 toonies, and 8 quarters. So he wrote down 4, 14 and 6. He was like “so what’s 4 plus 14 plus 6”. (pause) “I need a calculator”. Then turn to his computer for calculator.



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