Honey Mustard Chicken


That’s right! You read it correctly! Came across this so-called ‘idea’ while I was browsing… On Pinterest…

So this is like very very very easy to make. I didnt have time to completely thaw and dry the chicken, so I had to cut it into smaller pieces to ensure that it’s cooked thoroughly. Hence the messy-looking meat.

As usual, grease the pan, place the chicken on the pan flat. Dry them as much as you can. Squirt a good amount of honey mustard on the chicken and spread it evenly.

Baked it for about 10-15 min in 350 deg.

Remove the pan, turn the chicken. I added the a couple of pinches of the ready mix spices for poultry. And a good dollop of homey mustard, and i added slices of mushroom. I cut it so thin until it’s not quite visible in the picture.

Anyway, that’s about it. Put it back into oven. Wait another 15-20 min until the chicken is cooked.
And for the sides, regular steam veggies. This time it’s carrot, parsnip and green bean for me.



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