Baked (Rosemary – amongst other ingredients) Chicken


I know it doesnt quite make sense. But this time I ‘cheated’. I used one of those readily mixed spices for poultry… One of the ingredients is rosemary, which I dont quite like, but the only one of the ingredient that I remember… >.<

Anyway… Here goes…

Chicken (*doh*)
Green bean
Spices for poultry (sold in 1 packet. Available in most grocery store)

The works:
I had enough time yesterday, so i defrosted the chicken. Left it overnight in the fridge so it's thoroughly defrosted. In the morning I coated the chicken with the spices. Left it in the fridge until I reached home from work.

Grease the pan with PAM. Placed the chicken and potato. added a little bit of salt all around. Then baked!

Steam veggies as per uze…

and ready to serve!!!
Oh we ate it with rice…. Just an option.


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