Honey Garlic Pork – Attempt #1

Honey Garlic Pork - Attempt #1

When I do my grocery, I try to buy different kind of meat at once, and froze it. Not healthy, but oh well, I’m lazy. So this is one of the frozen meat that I had. If you have the time, make sure that it’s properly thawed and dried, otherwise you’ll end up with a soupy version of the dish. Still good, just soupy.

Pork ribs
Sweet Soya Sauce
Garlic Pepper
Optional : Thai chilli (always make any food taste better)

The works:
Mix all ingredient together in a container.
*shake shake shake* until it kinda mixed.
Marinate for a while (I did it for like 30-45 min. Couple of website mentioned overnight marination – take your pick)
Pop it into oven. Again I did it for 30-45 minute…

Ready to Serve!


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