Ayam Kecap (Sweet Soya Chicken)

Ayam Kecap (Sweet Soya Chicken)

Chicken (Cut up thigh – 1 or 2 pcs)
Hard-boiled eggs
Garlic (LOTS of ’em)

from Asian Grocery store:
ABC Sweet soy sauce
Maggie sauce
Thai Chilli

The works:
1. Sautee some of the garlic, add the chicken to dry them
2. In a pot, boil water, add the rest of the garlic, and chicken
3. Add at least 6 spoon of ABC sweet soy sauce and few drops of maggie sauce. Until the desired ‘darkness’ reached.
4. Add the carrot and the hard-boiled egg.
5. Let it sit in until the soup thicken, while stirring occasionally
6. Add corn starch to make the soup thicker. (mix the corn starch with a little cold water first, before dumping it in the pot, if you dont want to end up with lumps of corn starch.



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