Soto Ayam Instant – Instant Chicken ‘Soup’


The reason why I put the air quote on soup, is because it’s not exactly soup… I mean it’s watery and soupy and all, but we don’t call it soup… It’s SOTO! Haha.. Anyway… It’s instant and super easy to make. If you go to T&T or Asian grocery store (maybe). They’ll sell a package for the soup. It’s called Soto Ayam and it’s by Indofood (brand). Recipe behind the packaging. I made slight adjustment since I had leftover roast chicken.

So what you need is just noodle (I used mung bean noodle), chicken, bean sprout, cabbage, potato (optional), I added some shitake mushroom (I happen to have it in my fridge and it’s going bad soon.. Hahah).

-noodle in the bowl-
Boil the noodle, dry it. Put it in a ready to eat bowl. Add the (steamed) potato, cabbage, mushroom. Layer by layer in any order. Shred the chicken.
‘Decorate’ with hard boiled egg cut in half and some red thai chili (caution: extremely hot, especially if you bite it)

Boil water, package said 1l, enough for 4 portion. I think it barely enough for 2. I did like maybe 500ml.
Mixed the package in the water. I added a couple
tea spoon of chicken bouillion (hope i spelled it correctly), and couple of drops of Maggie Sauce.

Once boiled pour the stock/soup into the bowl (thats already been prepped earlier).



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