Egg ‘Muffin’ and Baked Yams

Planned this for a breakfast.., (obviously). But didnt have enought time this morning. So made this for dinner instead. The quickest one to prepare thus far.


So for the egg, pretty much what you’ll have for an omelette. I cut into small pieces bacon, wiener, peppers and onion. I fried the bacon and wiener first cuz I dont know how cooked the bacon will be in the oven. Put the rest of ingredients into the baking tray that i used for muffins. Whipped 3 egss, mixed with a little bit of 2% milk.

For the yam, i just cut into small pieces, a aprinkle of salt, sprinkle of black pepper and a couple of drips of olive oil and mix them until the yams are coated somewhat evenly.

Baked in 375 for about 15-20 min. I shouldve left the yams 5-10 minutes longer since i was using a tray thats ‘deep’. Some of the yams are not as soft as i’d like them to be. But they’re still pretty tasty.

Anyway, happy trying!




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