Haul from Office Christmas Party


Went to bf’s office Christmas party last night. I know! It’s a thursday, he said rumours around the office was that they book the place late, so… Cant do the weekends. Anyway, they had it at a fancy *ss restaurant, Oru. It’s kinda at Fairmont Hotel, Pacific Rim something. I only know where its is because I love the Bella Gelateria ice cream right ‘below’ the sign. But that’s another story.

So anyway, the food was great, high-class fancy food. Too bad I didnt want to be one of those people whipping out their camera taking pic of the food. Any other day I would, tho. But not last night. Again, the foods were fancy and delicious. But as any fancy high class food are, they’re tiny portion. And with the amount of alcohol that everyone had, not quite ‘greasy’ enough. Hehehhe…

They also have a photo booth thingy. We get o bring back a tiny book, that if you flip through them seems like the pic are moving. I cant quite explain that better. Hope you know what I mean. Neat little thing. And of course we grabbed ‘some’ chocolate bars, which turns out really good chocolate. Shouldve grabbed more. =P



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