Baked Chicken in Bacon blanket…


NOT a big fan of bacon… cuz of the many many many grease it has… but bf LURRRVVVE it… so I kinda made something up… althooo… I gotta say, this one is pretty good… still greasy of course but at least it’s good.

Simple steps to follow, should you wish to..

1. Defrost the chicken… if it’s frozen… mine is the size of chicken strip.. so it’s smaller… punch it… well not punch… I jabbed it with the end of my knife… (lay the chicken piece on chopping board and jab jab jab…. i hope u get the picture…)

2. Fold the chicken… I put miracle whip and shredded cheese in the centre… wrap it with bacon… ( i cut the bacon in half, since the chicken is small)

3. The regular, spray the baking tray with PAM… place the chicken and bacon in it, i put cut nugget potato too in it…

4. Heat the oven, put the tray in… and wait…. use ur own judgement, then flip the bacon… Mine took about 30min with 375degree heat.

Enjoy the simplicity… lol



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