I feel this again and again in Vancouver. It is a very simple thing, very very very simple thing. I hardly ever witness this in Asia. I am not saying this does not exist back east, Im just saying I hardly ever see it. Majority of people here, willy nilly offer assistance, without the person ever asking for help. This might sound as if the person is very nosy, but it is not like that at all. All Im saying is there are plenty more good Samaritans here than back East, where people society seems to think ALL strangers are up to no good. It is a good exercise, since you do not know what kind of psycopath or sociopath (too much crime drama in mu systems) exist out there nowadays.

I could understand the dilema between returning a million dollar cash left in your back seat or keeping it to yourself (i know what Im supposed to do, but Im human, what do you think?). But if it’s merely offering to exchange seats so the person would be closer to his/her friend, pick up some stuff that a stranger drop, letting people pass first…. Helping elderly cross the street or carty his/her stuff off the bus…. It’s so very very simple things to dooo…. Makes me feel warmth inside when I see people here are so easily and readily offer these helps… =D


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