Sawasdee Thai on Main St


I am not Thai, but Ive been to Thailand, and I know what Thai food ‘supposed’ to taste. I have not had a good Thai restaurant here. Maybe I have not been around enough or whatnot. But sometime ago, I went to this resto called Sawasdee Thai.. It’s on Main st, and 24th I believe. Well we took a bus and stopped at the 28th, so it’s around there.

Bf’s colleague are helping out on Friday night there. Her friend is the owner of the restaurant, and they’re both Thai (You know where I’m going with this..).

We only ordered 2 dish, since it’s just the 2 of us and since bf wouldn’t be able to eat most of the appies anyway. We have the 2 sort of must-order items when you go to any Thai place; seafood Tom Yum soup and Green Curry Chicken, with 1 order of coconut rice and1 order of regular jasmine rice (for variety sake). I gotta say it’s the most authentic Thai resto that Ive been to. We had it ‘mild’ (level of hotness)… I would prefer it ‘hot’ so I requested a mini bowl of red Thai chillies…
I was sweating profusely (pardon the grossness of how it sound), and if you love chillies you know that it’s a gooooood kind of hotness and sweat…. Well anyway, their prices are decent, and it tasted oh so goooooood…..



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