What if Money Did not Matter?

It sounds so good and so true… I am trying to live my life as if money does not matter. But who am I kidding? It MATTERS… ALOT…and how many people get to do what they love and get paid for it?? NOT THAT MANY.

I’d loooovveee to just go travel the world (and I mean every single country…) Taking picture of whatever each has to offer, with my $5000 camera and $2000 lens (at least). Sitting at small cafes with my hi-tech laptop or gadget, writing a blog about my adventures. However, unless Im the single winner of a lottery jackpot, that’s not quite possible.

So…. what works for me though… which should be applicable to pretty much everything in life, is BALANCE.

Im a person who’s afraid of not having ‘safety net’, a person who’s always thinking of worst possible case scenario, a pessimist you might say. I think it will be totally stupid to assume money does not matter, but perhaps instead of just focusing on earning money like forever (cuz let’s face it. It’s never enough, and it’s never the right time), we could find a balance where you can still do what you feel like doing (and I mean when you can, do it!) without totally giving up your income.

Ensure you have a roof over your head and food in your stomach. Then you’re set… Everything else is kinda negotiable. That’s what I think.


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