Great Wall Mongolian BBQ Restaurant

First of all let me tell you, the first time I have ever had a Mongolian Buffet, was close to 10 years ago. The reason why I didnt eat it anymore after that, was because I did not feel well right after eating it. Some kind of weird migraine. Didnt think much of it then, was thinking probably the heat or the fact that I had 3 bowls of food (it’s an all-you-can-eat, what do you expect?). Anyway, I had A mongolian bbq meal like a month ago. It wasnt an AYCE, I was fine. Food was great, it’s juts not quite as satisfying, considering it was tiny, and pricey (you pay by the weight). Anyway, I went to this place, Great Wall Mongolian, somewhere on Denman, with empty stomach, mind you. I didnt have appetite during lunch.


So it’s a AYCE, about $12/person before tax. For dinner! And it comes with a mini bowl of soup, mini bowl of fried rice, and some kind of pastry bun (pastry didnt come until I was having my 3rd helpings. So I didnt get to try them).
You just need to walk over to the counter where u get to pick ANYTHING you want. Any meat, any veggie, and mix your own sauce. Well anything that you can fix into your bowl. And at the end of the ‘line’ there will be a ‘chef’ who will cook your food. And you’ll bring back the cooked bowl and EAT!!! Repeat the process until you’re stuffed…

What’s ‘funny’ though… I had that same migraine! And I dont know why! The food was GREAT, and TASTY… I just dont know where the migraine came from….. *shucks*
But anyway, now that I think about it, I dont mind going back again actually. It was good food and great price. What’s not to like?



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