In and around Vancouver

Stumbled upon this quiet coffee shop at the corner of 16th and Oak st. It is a quiet place with free wifi. Not sure whether because it was raining outside, but it was a Saturday afternoon, perfect time and ambiance to go out and have a cup of joe. Anyway, I ordered a regular dark roast.. Drip coffee. It was fab. I’d go back again if it weren’t too far out from my home. But definitely glad I came across this place. I WAS looking for a coffee shop to sit at in-between my appointment to donate blood and meeting my friend.


And this is the sign outside the coffee place…. I know it’s supposed to be a mouse as in computer mouse…. But dont u think it kinda look like a sperm… >.<


So yesterday, I was reading this article… It’s interesting, yet disturbing… I mean the bidding part is a wee bit disturbing… From a guy perspective, it’s like how desperate are you to pay for a date (quoted from a guy) and for the woman’s side of view, it’ll be like you’re a ‘good’ to be purchased… I dont know how the actual dating/bidding website works, but that would be a first impression when one read the article I’d think.


With regards to the other part of the article, I guess I’m glad I live in the right city? I have black hair, brown-ish eyes and a degree…. Hmmmmmm……



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