Honey Garlic Lemon Glazed Pork…

Well that’s what it should’ve been. I mean the ingredients are all correct, just didnt turn out quite as what I had in mind. And certainly not the portion of it. They shrunk!!! So we added some rice to add quantity. LOL! Good to always have rice handy..

So I tried to make the glace. Agaain, didnt have an exact measuring. It’s honey, garlic, lemon. Well you cant have too much garlic I guess. Seems that it’s always alright. You might wana put more honey and less lemon. What I did was like a couple of spurt of honey and 2 lemons. (we’re low on joney, and the lemons were going to be TOO ripe soon). It should be maybe just 1 lemon and way more honey. Anyway, that’s done.

Prepare the baking tray, cut the potato, veggie and whatnot. Dip the pork, or I should say coat them in the honey lemon mixture. And bake! I cut them in slices so it’s easier to bake and the mixture will kinda go in between the meat. Put the oven on 350, But then it didnt get as brown as I wanted them to, so i cranked up the temp to 450.


Ready to be served!! Had tiny bit of leftover for lunch… Added some rice and chilli sauce of course.




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