Baked Mushroom Rice with Black Pepper Chicken

Bought a can of mushroom soup for this meal. And the rest are just leftovers. Including the chicken and the rice. The result was not quite what I had in mind, but it’s definitely edible, and did not taste too bad either….

So one can of Campbell’s mushroom soup (tiny one), some mushroom (believe it’s shitake mushroom), and some carrot. Mixed mushroom soup with a little bit of milk, just to dilute it and to add to the creamy-ness… What I have was a ‘chinese’ soya milk… Tasted weird if you put it in your coffee, but surprisingly didnt make any difference in the soup mixture… Anyway… Mix those then add the mushroom and the carrot and the rice…. Not too much rice, cuz what happened was you cant really taste the mushroom soup…

For the chicken, I just thawed them and in a mini bowl (using my hand), coat them with pepper, salt, and I added a little bit of smoked BBQ spices…

Put them all in baking tray, and TA DA!!!!!



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