Baked Corn Flake Chicken with Potato and Sweet Corn

Well, if you must know, Ive been doing wayyyyyy to much Pinteresting lately. Waaaaayyyy too much I tell ya. So this is one of the recipe that Ive tried. As is with a lot of recipe, there are quite a few adjustments made. Unfortunately, I dont have pictures of the steps done. But Im gonna try to ‘explain’ anyway…

So what you need is pretty much just eggs, milk, pepper, salt and corn flakes. Well on top of the chicken (unfreeze the chicken) and the potato and the corn. I prefer the thin and smaller sliced chicken, since it takes less time to bake it and it’ll be more evenly baked without burning it.

First beat eggs into a bowl (i used 2 eggs and made a scrambled egg with the leftover), add some milk, pepper, salt to your taste.. (I add sugar to my eggs sometimes).
Spray PAM onto the baking tray… Dip the chicken into the eggs and then coat it with mashed corn flakes (crushed it into smaller bits so it’s easier to stick to the chicken). Make sure that the coats are even and the chicken are all covered by the flakes.

Place the coated chicken onto the tray and I put some potatoes there too… Heat the oven 375-400 F… Then Voila! Dinner is ready to be served!!

Oh and it’s gluten-free too! Make sure the corn flakes is CORN based and no-wheat… But im assuming they always are??




2 thoughts on “Baked Corn Flake Chicken with Potato and Sweet Corn

    • yeap2. potato will kinda fill you up. =D
      took me about 15-20 minute on 350F. My oven is the small portable one though. Might need to adjust the timing for bigger oven.

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