Simple Dinner of Fried Bee-hoon and Veggie Soup


And I mean SIMPLE… I went to T&T Supermarket, the one in downtown and got myself several ‘asian’ stuff…. Food, veggie… Got the egg tea.. Or tea egg, kinda for appy, and also cuz bf never tried it before… And he actually enjoyed it… Which was good… Considering how picky he is…

Then made the fried glass noodle, with wiener, onion, thai red chilli, garlic and egg… (simple no?)… And I’d say it’s ‘decent’… Doesnt look pretty, but hey! It’s home-made…. Hehhehe…

And for the soup I had some bits of chicken, lotus root, watercress and carrot (the fat carrot… Not sure what’s called but it’s sweeter than other kinds). Bf not too into the soup… A tad bland, he said (i prefer it that way… It’s not like bland bland… U can taste the watercress in the soup…)….. Well, add more salt/spices i guess if u prefer more flavour…

Again… Dont look pretty, but it’s made by yours truly, so it’s always ‘good’. =P



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