Sudden Craving for Nachos

Exactly what it says up there…. Just had a sudden craving for Nachos… And since bf is such a huge fan of nachos, he knows where to get a good one… One of them is Steamworks Breweries… Rightby Waterfront Station there…

It was a cozy pub… Granted that it’s Monday, so not many people I should say… Althoughhhhh now that I think about it, it was a decent number of people, considering that it’s Monday! Hmmmm…

Anyway, we ordered one and it was gooooood…. I actually enjoyed the chips, well pretty much everything else are the same works elsewhere; the chips, meat, sourcream, salsa…. But the chips though…. I love it…. It’s a nice place to chill and talked…. NOW i just realised… That my bf is not much a talker… As in the go out ‘chill’ at a cafe and talk…. *hmmmmmmm*






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