Jeff Dunham – Disorderly Conduct Tour

Jeff Dunham was in town yesterday, and my bf and I went to watch. It was pouring rain!  It was supposed to be 3 of us going to the show, but thennnn due to some misunderstanding, well more miscommunication… It was just 2 us…

We were seated at area S. It was the area by the side of the stage, like right next to the stage, not the greatest place to see the screen, but we’re on the 2nd row, so we could see Jeff and his friends pretty clearly, which was great.


Jeff’s little friends are Achmed, the dead terrorist (the skeleton in turban) whose fave sentence is “SILENCE!! I KEEL YOU!!!”, then Walter, the grumpy old guy, who looks like he’s got a stick up his **s all the time, Peanut, the crazy ‘cool’ purple [something], not quite sure what he is, also Jose, the Mexican Jalapeno on a stick, as in you can see the stick…. and a couple of new puppets that I have never seen before in youtube and whatnot; They are Bubba J, the… drunk, who cant read…. Then there is Little Jeff… Who’s pretty much Jeff, just a tad more frank and ‘mean/rude’.


Overall, it was a great show, he was funny, as usual, and a lot of the jokes are spontaneous… Well, i don’t know, it could be scripted, but I cant tell. Cant wait for the next performance. Laughter in your life are always good.

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.”
― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol



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