49th Parallel


Finally i get to try this coffee place over the past weekend. I gotta say, I was not impressed. I was quite overwhelmed by the whole thing… The place was cramped, and crowded. The seats were so close to each others and there were only a few ‘sofa’ available. I was looking forward to ‘chilling’ with my books, but ambiance was not good. Until a wee bit later when I could actually get the sofa. *vultures mode on*

Coffee-wise… I ordered the brew of the day, which I can not for the love of me remember. It was some fancy Italian or whatchamacallit name… It was strong, not diluted, but wayyy to sour for my liking… So NO. But i would actually go back another day… Review said good things about their croissant. So Imma try that next time… Anddd i’ll probably get a cappuccino or mocha…



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