The Years – Cindy Lou Johnson


So if you read my previous post on this play, here’s the ‘review’.

The theatre is located right behind the restaurant. So its entrance is through the restaurant. The reaturant itself is packed. Makes me curious about what the food is like. Maybe next time.

So the play. To be honest, I, we were pleasantly surprised. When we first enter the theatre, what sprung to mind was a scene from How I Met Your Mother where Lily was performing and her friends are watching her not-so-good performance. The ‘stage’ was exactly like that. Well technically there was no stage, but you know what I mean.

The performance was moving, and the actors and actresses are very good. Some are stronger than others, but overall performance was great. It’s definitely a wonderful experience since both of us never watched this kind of play before. Althoughhh we agreed that we’d probably won’t pay $15 to see it. =P well unless we’re friends or families of the performers….



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