I just love coffee… A massive heart for coffee…. I dont care what people say about coffee… I have to have my cup-a-day. Make me feel better (about myself and my life… Not that it’s bad, just better), make me feel like I can conquer the world… (not quite so literal…, but you know what I mean).
But it’s not just any coffee… And it’s also not just the super expensive Kopi Luwak. Kopi Liwak is some kind of coffee bean thats produced…. essentially it’s civet’s poo.

…Anyway I just want a decent coffee, rich and … Creamy, i guess…

And for me Starbucks fit that decency gauge… Rich and moderately priced. And their red cup is back!!! Which mean that CHRISTMAS IS AROUND the corner… And I decided to get myself the card thingy… Since I’ve been buying Starbucks anyway…

Tried the Caramel Brule Latte… It’s not quite my fave. Cant really taste the ‘bitterness’ of coffee… Mostly sweet… I know at least one person (who dislikes coffee) who’ll enjoy it!! Next time boo… =D

“Coffee, chocolate, men… Some things are better rich..” ~ Anon.



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