Bouldering Fun!!!!


It was the first time I did bouldering. Today! On a Saturday morning… Well, because someone is doing his kickboxing, so I went to try out bouldering with my friend. We went to The Hive, a bouldering gym just off Main Street skytrain station. Like 2 blocks or so, maybe.

It was a great experience… New things… I pretty much have like zero upper body strength. So good exercise… Rates are $16.50 for drop in, shoe rental and chalk is $5. Plus tax. For first timer, you’re required to sign a waiver and do the fall assessment test. Additional $5+ tax. 10% discount for student. They have membership and whatnot too… I’ll probably do it again, but dont think i’ll do the membership and whatnot. I wont go THAT often.

So the blops on the rocks, at the bottom of ‘each spot’ they have an indicator of how difficult each colour is. So you’ll pick and try according to which colour you prefer and only step and hold on to that colour. It’s interesting and challenging, and you’ll try to motivate yourself to tr different challenges. It doesnt get boring. Well it might, but not soon enough.

I am a little bit whoozie about the height in the beginning, but I think it’ll be better the more I do it. Anyway… Have fun trying it out!!



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