Nagasari – The movie, not the food….

SO I was google-ing (that’s right, google is now a verb) image for Nagasari… and this came up… Up to this point, I did not know that this food is called nagasari… for as long as I’ve lived (until just now) I always thought of this as ‘kue pisang’ (banana cake), which is kinda what it is…. To elaborate, it’s steamed banana cake… pretty tasty little thing…


Anyway, what I want to talk about is actually the movie. It’s an Indonesian movie (with English subtitle) of course, shot in Vancouver. There are 2 screening on Sat, 10 November 2012, 1pm and 3 pm at Pacific Cinematheque.

What is it about?

Nala (Dias Herlambang) returns to Vancouver to find her father (Roy Rumantir) depressed. To bring her family together, Nala and her sister, Kirana (Pinky Hapsari), attempt to help their grieving father overcome the sorrow of losing his wife.

This independent drama brings together elements of Indonesian-Canadian culture. It illustrates the Javanese heritage, with its role as a refuge to the challenges that come with life and loss for the Juono family. Nagasari examines the journey of returning to the roots of your cultural upbringing.

Want to know more detail?

Click here


It’s $15 For tickets you can email or purchase from here



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